Lake Bloke

The almost undiscovered Bloška Jezero is located right next to glamping and creates a beautiful natural idyll. Perfect for summer refreshment or to admire with your morning coffee.

Description of the Lake Bloke

Discover the breathtaking Lake Bloke, also known as Volčje jezero, nestled on the enchanting Bloke Plateau. Explore the stunning natural scenery and learn about the rich history and vibrant local culture of this hidden treasure.


Lake Bloke is located on the Bloke Plateau, which lies at the extreme edge of the Inner Lake at an altitude of 720 to 850m above sea level. The municipality of Bloke has 45 settlements and over 1,600 inhabitants.


Lake itself is man-made and its in some places 4 metres deep.

You can find our snack bar “Brunarica” near the lake, which thake care of you with various dishes and cold drinks in summer time.

There is a glamping site in the immediate vicinity, which offers various accommodation options.

If you are looking for local food, you can find it in Restaurant Domin, which is just 2 km from the lake in village Nova vas. .

Different types of accommodation

In the immediate vicinity of the lake there is a glamping with wooden houses, which offer the
possibility of staying in all seasons.