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Bloke Plateau and its surroundings are a land of pristine forests, colorful meadows and plenty of opportunities for an active or passive day. You can spend it with a book in hand in a hammock in the shade of pine trees, go on a trip or join us in one of the many activities we offer.

The Bloke Plateau is surrounded by unspoiled nature with forests, streams, green meadows and a rich animal and plant biodiversity.

The length of the route is 19 km, including the source of the Iška river, 23 km. It is usually completed in four to seven hours and is not demanding. On the way, you will be able to see the sights of the natural and cultural heritage of the Bloška Plateau.

Experience the thrill of watching a bear in the pristine natural forests of Slovenia.Follow the wildlife expert deep into the forest, where you will meet Slovenia's indigenous brown bear through the wide windows of the safe wooden lookout - perfect for taking beautiful photos!

New for picnic lovers - PICNIC BASKET rental. The surroundings by the lake offer countless hidden corners where you can devote yourself to your company, and we take care of the food. In addition to food and drinks, each basket also contains napkins, utensils, plates and glasses, cups and trays.

Explore Notranjski Park, the mystical land of Cerkni lake. You will be amazed by the mountain peaks with breathtaking views, delve into the mysterious underground world, walk over natural bridges, cycle along the intermittent lake and admire crystal clear streams and magical forests.

Križna Cave is one of the most beautiful water tourist caves in Slovenia. 22 emerald lakes are connected by a crystal clear underground stream, ancient bones of cave bears lie in side tunnels, and in terms of the number of species of real cave animals, Križna Cave is one of the richest caves in the world!

In glamping, you can find some tent areas, for all those who love adventure.

Discover one of the best places for cross-country skiing. When winter brings snow, the Bloke plateau is a true paradise for skiing.

The best place to pamper yourself. Couples can enjoy a private sauna and jacuzzi in a calm natural environment.

When winter brings snow, the Bloška plateau is a true paradise for skiing. In summer, Bloke Lake is a true paradise when children enjoy the refreshing water and parents relax in the shade of a tree with a book in hand.

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