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Our accommodations

All accommodations are located in a fenced Glamping by Lake Bloke. Each of them has its own special charm that will surely impress you.

Small wooden house (3x3 m), suitable for 2 people. All cottages are heated (portable heater) and thermally insulated, in each cottage there are 2 beds, bedding, a light and an electrical outlet.

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The studio is located above the reception (heated). It is equipped with 5 beds, a kitchenette, a dining area and a bathroom (shower and WC). A good choice for the whole family.

Krpan's family rooms are located in a separate house, above the summer kitchen. They are characterised by unique wooden beds and bunk beds, which will please the youngest ones the most. There are 2 rooms, one for 4 and the other for 5 people (extra bed for a child up to 12 years old).

Cottage (4+2)

Discover the tranquil retreat just 2 kilometers away from Lake Bloke, where a charming cottage awaits surrounded by picturesque pastures and forest. Step inside to find a cozy interior featuring a kitchen, bathroom with a sauna, and an open bedroom with six beds. Relax on the spacious terrace, complete with an outdoor hottub, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

The most luxurious room in glamping with a private terrace with sauna and jacuzzi, a bathroom and a double room. The unit is located on the 1st floor of the Baerenburg and also has a beautiful view. A luxurious experience guaranteed 😉

At Glamping we also have special corners intended for the most adventurous 😉 In these areas you can pitch a tent and sleep directly in your own tent. You can still use our shared sanitary facilities (shower + toilet) and the communal kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

A private bathroom has a studio and a room under the stars, all other accommodations have a shared bathroom (male and female).

In the glamping there is a seasonal kitchen with a cooking surface, gas grill, fridge and other kitchen utensils.

All accommodation units are heated and suitable for living at all times of the year.

A rich breakfast with homemade delicacies is available at a surcharge of 8€/person or 5€/child.

In summer time, you can order some local dishes at the lakeside Brunarica snack bar, but there is a larger selection at the Restaurant Domin, just 2 km from the glamping site. The restaurant is located in Nova vas.

The nearest shop is in Nova vas, 2 km from the glamping site.
Of course, pets are welcome. An additional payment of €8/night is required for them.
Sauna and jacuzzi are part of the Room under the stars, so use is possible with an additional fee, as long as the mentioned room is not occupied.
The water in the lake is clean, with three tributaries. Due to the silt at the bottom of the lake, the water is cloudy, especially in the main season, but still suitable for swimming.
Glamping is located in a natural environment where locals coexist with wild animals. There are also bears in the area, but they are afraid of people. We recommend that you do not move through the forest in the early morning or evening hours, and that you talk while walking, whistle or clap your hands, this will scare the bear away.

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